The Yealm Marker

The Yealm Marker

Inspired by maritime symbols whilst paddle boarding on the River Yealm in South Devon. This casual cross body bag has subtle maritime markers incorporated in its design. The stitching on the back indicates the "leading mark" with the treasure hunters "X marks the spot" stitching over the coastline shaped edging of the bag representing my favourite part of the Yealm.

In keeping with Another Shed's practical designs this bag has a thumb loop incorporated into the shoulder strap. With a choice of left or right thumb loops.

Every part of this bag is handmade: cut, stitched and finished.


  • Using 2.5mm chrome tanned British leather with an oiled finish and worn in apperance. Coloured polycord stitching, with a magnetic fixing and chain previously used on boat moorings. Choice of coloured stitching and built in thumb loop.

    The RIGHT thumb loops sits on the Left shoulder. The LEFT thumb loop sits on the Right shoulder.

    The bag measures 20cm wide by 19cm high by 5cm deep.  With adjustable shoulder strap with chain length fixings. There is an internal pocket for your phone and hidden magnetic front clasp, which is my own design.

    The nature of this leather is the more it is used, the better it will look.

Thumb loop?