Fishing net Camera strap

Fishing net Camera strap

Camera wrist strap made from recoved Fishing net and Lobster pot net. Bound with hand stitched waxed Britsh leather and choice of stitching.

Each stap comes with its own geo cordinates so you can see where I found it. 

  • The Camera straps  have been made from recycled fishing net and lobster pot net collecet whilst paddle boarding aroung the River Yealm and Wembury Bay in South Devon.

    Hand stitched black or brown British waxed leather and choice of stiching colour.

    The starps are approximatley 27cm long with a camera case protecor that fits over the the fixing.  A stainless steel triangualr camera lug is supplied. For extra secqurity the stap can be adjusted to fit snugly on your wrist. 







Camera Strap
Stitching colour
Leather Colour